2023 Real Estate Trends

2023 Real Estate Trends

The commercial real estate market is always changing, and the trends for 2023 are certainly no exception. At UpLift Development Group, we specialize in commercial development and always have an eye on the most important trends in real estate. As interest rates continue to increase and inflation is at a record high, 2023 could bring a lot of changes for commercial real estate. To maximize your financial returns, we’ll help you understand how these trends will affect real estate development.


Increasing Demand for Sustainable Property Development

With environmental awareness and sustainability becoming a priority for many companies, more and more businesses are looking for office buildings and other commercial properties that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This trend is expected to continue in 2023, with more businesses demanding buildings that meet high standards of energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and sustainability.


More Flexibility in Spaces

The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexible office space, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. None of the regions across the U.S. have seen vacancy rates dip below their pre-pandemic Q4 2019 levels, indicating that the future of traditional office buildings remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the search for office space with multiple uses is on the rise, suggesting that businesses are becoming increasingly interested in accommodating multiple purposes within their office space.

For those looking for an investment opportunity with great resale options, Premier Flex provides an ideal solution. With space for business, office, storage, workshop, hobbyists, and hang-outs, a flex space from Premier Flex is the best option. Moreover, they offer financing and ownership options, making it a great investment opportunity that is sure to bring in a great return.

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Profitability in Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities are a great investment, regardless of the current economy. They are less vulnerable to recessions, as fewer businesses may use them, but more people may need to move and require a storage unit. Additionally, you don't need a large amount of pedestrian traffic or an attractive location to succeed. You can take advantage of irregularly sized and oddly shaped parcels of land, which may be less desirable and therefore available at a lower cost. Self-storage units are low maintenance and require minimal risk compared to other investments, such as an apartment building. Your customers are solely looking for a safe, reliable space for their items, and self-storage facilities have a high-profit margin.

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Moving Forward

2023 could prove to be a challenging year for commercial real estate, with the combination of the war in Ukraine, market volatility, high inflation, and interest rate hikes. However, this is nothing new; those who are well prepared and have a fortress balance sheet understand how to navigate the cyclical nature of the market. During an economic downturn, there may be overleveraged building owners that present a great opportunity for those with strong balance sheets to acquire properties at a lower cost and grow their portfolio.

Invest With the Best — Invest With Uplift Development, LLC

These are some of the top trends in commercial real estate for 2023. Keeping up with these trends can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. At Uplift Development, we are dedicated to maximizing your financial returns in commercial property every step of the way. For more information on real estate investment, contact us today.

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